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Monday, September 27, 2010

Uke Fest

Dobriy den! (Good day!)

The Ukrainian Festival was a blast! I got to share my table with a wonderful person I met at Marché La Récré, Zuemy of Es Pera! it was really nice to have a partner there as it made set up go a lot faster, bathroom breaks easier, and Perogi runs possible. :) I was really glad to have some one to chat with and share in the wonderful cultural experience.

I just want to say that the Ukrainian people are very kind, and friendly and welcomed us (non-Ukrainians) very warmly which was very refreshing. So many different people came out to the festival, young, old, Ukrainian, and non, people from the church and the neighborhood; you really felt like you were part of a community. Not to mention the beer garden, dancers and singers, perogis, and sausages (if you eat meat) it was one of the better festivals that I've been to in Montreal.

I would definitely do it again next year. See below for some pics from this year's festival.

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